Dear Relictum Pro community,

The Relictum Pro team is working on the TON and BNB Smart Chain implementation in the Relictum Node app. The staff of specialists and developers was expanded for this purpose.

This integration will allow to further interact with these blockchains and add their tokens to our apps.

USDT and BNB of the BEP-20 network will be added during the first phase.

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Dear Relictum Pro Community,

👍 Please find below a video about Relictum Node, where you will find out how to use the app features correctly so as not to lose your assets:

⚡️ How to move a node to another device?
⚡️ How to restore access to your account, if the device with the node is lost?
⚡️ What rules do you need to follow to keep your private key safe?

You are welcome to watch the video:



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