🔊Dear Members of Relictum Pro Community!

We inform you that from the evening of June 8, 2020, till June 9, 2020, the technical team of Relictum Pro spent some works on the second step of the second stage of Relictum.Main.Net launch, namely the implementation of the GTN token importing function in the Relictum.Main.Net network.🔥

At the moment, stage 2.1 has been successfully completed, participants continue to create their accounts, and all the conditions are ideal for the transition to the next step.

It is still possible to try the importing procedure, as before, in the Relictum.Stage.Net test network to avoid potential difficulties when using this feature in Relictum.Main.Net.

The procedure for importing GTNs into Relictum.Main.Net will be semi-automatic and will consist of two parts. In the first part, a participant will have to form a request to import GTN in the node. In the second part, the Relictum Pro team will check the generated request; after that, we will confirm it and send a request to the GTN owner node to complete the transfer transaction requested by the account.

We published the instruction explaining the details of this process:

▶️ https://wiki.relictum.pro/kb/instructions_for_importing_gtn_tokens_from_personal_account_to_the_node_en

▶️ https://wiki.relictum.pro/kb/instructions_for_importing_gtn_tokens_from_personal_account_to_the_node_ru

Thank you for your kind regards.
Relictum Pro Team.



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