📣 Dear members of the Relictum Pro community!

It’s time to launch the last step of the second stage of Relictum.Main.Net (2.4).🚀🚀

At this step, the Relictum Pro team is planning to put into operation a very important module for the whole Relictum Pro ecosystem — the decentralized exchange system smart contract — Relictum.DEX, as well as completely update the user interface of the entire Relictum.GUI 2.0 application.

The index number of the current update is 1.0.27; it includes Relictum.DEX, Relictum.GUI 2.0, the updated order of connecting to the Relictum network, which prevents earlier nodes from entering the network in order to avoid possible network problems and consensus, as well as various corrections, additions, and others.

⚙️Relictum Pro team specialists worked on updating the Relictum.Main.Net network, which was held from late evening 07/07 to 08/07💪

👉Also, we should pay special attention to Relictum.DEX; this module is intended to conduct trading without the participation of third parties, exchanging one cryptocurrency for another, so that the smart contract itself acts as a mechanism for searching and matching the offers with subsequent control of the exchange procedure. In the field of DeFI this is called a smart contract auditor.

Each placed offer is accompanied by a mandatory hold procedure for the exposed amount of cryptocurrency, at the corresponding cryptocurrency addresses of the Relictum.DEX smart contract in order to avoid possible use after the offer is placed.

Given the complexity and importance of this module, and to avoid possible complications in its operation, from the beginning of its operation we will set the restrictions on the number of active offers per account: 1 for an offer to buy and 1 for an offer to sell, so the Relictum PRO team can track and, if necessary, correct any error that occurred in the real-time operation, and then easily remove the restrictions and let the smart contract algorithm work freely.

In the near future, we will publish the instructions for using and working with Relictum.DEX. The single announcement is not enough to show all the features of this component.

🔜 With this update, the Relictum.Pro team completes the launch of the second stage of Relictum.Main.Net (First after Genesis) and proceeds to the third stage (Digital Safe). The details on its implementation will be published in the next news review.😃

Best regards!
Relictum Pro Team.



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