​​Key events of Relictum Ecosystem in June.

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The first month of summer is over, and it’s time to tell you about the most important news and events of Relictum Ecosystem in June.

🎉 Relictum Pro celebrated its birthday! June 3rd marks 3 years of Relictum Pro, and we celebrated two years since the launch of Mainnet Relictum Blockchain on June 1st. The last month has been busy for the team and community: a lot of events, as well as hard work on the creation and development of the ecosystem products.

🖥 News of the Relictum Ecosystem development.

This month, we have opened access to the Finance widget code, the USDR buying tool! The product can currently be enabled and used on any website. The connection code is hosted on the popular platform GitHub.

At the same time, Relictum DEX successfully passed the next iteration of testing, where no critical errors were detected! We prove once again that only high-class professionals work in our team!

The team worked on improving the website style; new sections about staking, DEX, and dApps were added; and the navigation system was also updated. The team is currently finishing preparations for the release, and you will be able to evaluate the work we have done in the near future.

Besides, much attention was paid to the modernization of Relictum Storage — in particular, to increase the file downloading speed and to improve the reliability of information storage. You will be able to evaluate it by your own soon.

It was also decided to exchange RLC tokens for GTN tokens with a bonus ratio of 25%! The exchange period is until August 15, 2022. Be in time to complete the exchange!

🏞 News from the NFT world

A presentation of a new startup, NFT ISLAM MARKETPLACE, took place. Users will be able to buy and sell Sharia-compliant NFTs on the new digital platform. The platform will soon unite calligraphers, designers, architects, artists, and collectors in one place! Speakers, Dilyara Sharipova (CEO) and Danil Bilalov, spoke about this important event.

We also completed the Relictum NFT Giveaway. Participants were awarded 1,000 GTN each, and one of them received an additional bonus of 2,000 GTN. Congratulations to all the winners on well-deserved prizes!

📖 More media talks about Relictum

Two major publications talked about the Relictum Ecosystem in June. An article has been published on the Bitcoin Warrior website to analyze promising DEXs being developed right now. The author paid special attention to Relictum DEX.

Coinspeaker, an authoritative crypto publication, released an article on the oBlockchain technology development, and the author reviewed Blockchain 5.0 from Relictum as an example.

🎤 Webinars, interviews, and broadcasts

A series of webinars was held with Relictum Ecosystem CMO, Nikolay Osipenko. Nikolay answered many important questions regarding the future plans for the Relictum ecosystem development and Relictum DEX in particular. He also announced the date of GTN listing during the broadcasts. Besides, several issues of concern for our society were discussed on the air — for example, biometric entry into the node, emission, and tokenomics, differences in staking, and plans for the GameFi direction.

If you missed these webinars, you can always watch them on our YouTube channel (webinar dated June 15, webinar dated June 22, webinar dated June 29).

In addition, we recommend watching an interview with our Chief Strategy Officer, Roman Cherkashin. Roman spoke about the work done and shared his plans for the further development of the project during the broadcast.

🇮🇩 News from Indonesia

The Road Show of the Relictum Blockchain Academy of Digital Assets took place in Indonesia. The organizers of the event held a lecture “Course on Digital Assets” for the guests.

In addition, an industry-specific workshop dedicated to the Relictum Ecosystem development was held in Indonesia.

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