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A bit of history about blockchain and its nature, what is this all about, and a retrospective


The ongoing development that lasts a year, two years, three years, the “we are still developing” response, huge amounts of money spent on ICO, whitepapers full of brilliant ideas without any practical implementation in yellowpaper, all these are a set of attributes that reflect the essence of a project that has not been completed in the field of high blockchain technologies. This is not the fault of the industry; however, in the same way, there is no fault of a nation that there are some bad people in it. It is a certain path and certain rules of the game — everyone has to abide by them. Rules are like that in the blockchain technology environment. It is possible to sell a great idea, but this idea will not necessarily be implemented in the same great way.

Any project goes in line with its goals described in the mission and implemented by the team, and the result of success depends on how well all three components work together. A lot of things have gone just right in the Relictum Pro project; this allows us to confidently say that we have approached the next important stage of our development. This way cannot be made without problems and obstacles that emerge at the most unfortunate time, but we have overcome them, and this strengthens the idea itself, and the final plan for its implementation, which naturally goes through adjustments during our movement forward. This would be impossible without two main bearing units. The first one is our team that implements the project, and the second one is the audience supporting it.

There are interesting processes ongoing in the industry right now — they are aimed at strengthening the influence of projects in the field of legislative law regarding the issue and use of cryptocurrencies. There is also further strengthening of collaboration with the centralized system of the state, the construction of pilot and production-ready projects in the corporate sector and constantly increasing the number of new users, but despite this, it is still difficult to enter and familiarize with this area, even in terms of simple use and calculation in cryptocurrency. The goal of the Relictum Pro project is to change this situation by means of implementing its native and understandable platform.

Main.Net, the main network, is a term that is of key importance in the field of blockchain technologies; it separates the concept of a project on paper from the project in real life. But at the same time, this is not the endpoint, but rather a new milestone in the development that begins from this place, accompanied by new interesting and exciting tasks aimed at finding new users, increasing the loyalty and interest of the existing ones, searching for new use cases — applications, new partners, and other things, everyone who can relate to the concept of horizontal scaling, still continuing to take steps in the vertical direction.

Relictum.Main.Net Concept

As for today, the demonstration of the shortcomings of the Internet continues, primarily concerning the problem of confidentiality, censorship, network neutrality, and economic restrictions around the world.

Relictum Pro offers a final solution. Relictum Pro is intended to become a decentralized payment platform, with a developed system of smart contracts, aimed at reducing costs in interactions between people, increasing privacy by using cryptography, and restoring network neutrality, through its own consensus algorithm PoT (Proof-of-Tsar).

Our main task is to create a payment system (platform) for everyone that could be accessible not only to professional developers who have programming skills on such platforms as Ethereum but also to ordinary people who have just become acquainted with distributed registry technologies.

A native, intuitive, unified, accessible on any modern operating system, the interface of interaction with the platform should underlie the client program for accessing the network so that when moving from the gadget to the PC, the network member can continue to work without much effort.

Technical endurance from the point of view of keeping pace with the industry is important, but with mandatory innovation, pioneer works, going beyond the existing framework and limitations, when designing the development of the platform, this is the only way to win the market full of great ideas, where only the best achieve the result.

What is Relictum Blockchain?

Relictum Pro is the 5th blockchain that fully implements the concept of a distributed registry with distributed storage, working both publicly and privately, where each device is a node with a bandwidth of more than 100,000 tps. Relictum Blockchain is not a fork, it does not use any existing third-party developments of the blockchain field in its structure, but is implemented as an autonomous, independent platform with a foundation for great future from the point of view of implementing decentralized economic models.

The key project innovations are expressed in three main components which are the basis of any blockchain project:

  • Blockchain architecture, including an improved lightweight organizational structure of blocks and cryptography;
  • Consensus, with the elements of artificial intelligence and an instant way to transfer data synchronization
  • Smart Contracts that support the possibility of building n-dimensional structures to implement the idea of cranked smart contracts

In addition to innovations in technical terms, our project implements a special economic model that achieves two main tasks and namely: value and utility, in the form of two independent economic units: Genesis Token and Relict Stable Coin.

The process of increasing decentralization in the Relictum network is directly proportional to the increase in the number of users within the network that form the supporting force, in contrast to the existing surrogate DPoS based analogs, trying to impose artificial decentralization by means of providing the possibility of pooling and more.

We know our weaknesses, and we work every day to eliminate them.

Our next goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to get acquainted with our developments in the form of the initial stake and make sure they are thorough.

You can read more about our project and Relictum Blockchain in a whitepaper, yellowpaper, and tokenomics concept.

Relictum.Main.Net Launch Roadmap

Consistent and accurate commissioning of all system components is required to ensure a smooth and safe deployment of all platform nodes; this is a sequential process involving continuous status checking, confirmation of successful startup, and the beginning of work.

Relictum Pro is a complex multicomponent system, the main components of which are the unique network, where each device can be a node, the consensus that ensures the implementation of logical and architectural decentralization, as well as the blockchain itself, in the form of a distributed registry, with one main chain, and parallel connected chains.

The Main.Net launching process will go in several stages. New functions will be added sequentially at each of them, and operation parameters will increase.

Clients of nodes for mobile platforms will be available on the PlayMarket and AppStore platforms, with the assembly checksums on github.com

Stage №1 (Birth) — Deployment of the network, connection of basic subsystems, closed access

Initialization of the network from the first seven nodes, necessary and sufficient, for the launch and operation of the Proof — Of — Tsar (PoT) consensus, the first of its kind working not on the basis of a particular task, but according to the game theory scheme, where each of the participating nodes with a certain rating has the opportunity to play the game, for the right to accept and record all transactions in blocks.

The main components will include subsystems, such as:

  • Node core module — system components responsible for node self-determination, cryptography, updating, registry interaction, reading, and writing operations
  • Network module — transport layer, necessary for communication between nodes, running on the basis of TCP/IP protocol.
  • Consensus module — components responsible for calculating the rating, participation in the game.
  • Relictum System Smart-Contract embedded smart contract module:

-Transaction Smart Contract

-Account Smart Contract

-Token Smart Contract

-Signature Smart Contract

  • Cryptography module — modified SHA1, asymmetric encryption procedures.
  • Main.Net Explorer Module

This stage is already completed.

Stage 2 (First after Genesis) — Public access to the network

At the second stage, network participants will get public access to Relictum.Main.Net, this one will become one of the most important in Relictum.Main.Net launching, since at this stage the platform products will be available for use by a wide audience, and we will have to monitor the status of all nodes and indicators of the system carefully.

The components that will be available in the second stage include:

  • All modules and components activated on Stage №1 (Birth)
  • Secret chat module
  • DEX module
  • The procedure for importing GTN tokens purchased during Token Sale
  • Addition system smart contracts:

-Smart Contract Forging RLC

-Game Smart Contract Head & Tails

-Gaming Smart Contract Dice

  • Clients for network access for the following platforms:

Desktop clients with a graphical user interface

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

Console clients:

  • Windows

Mobile clients:

  • Android

The minimum recommended specifications for a server suitable for deploying a white node are as follows:

  • CPU: Intel Core i3
  • Total traffic: 50TB of traffic per month
  • Uplink: 100Mbit/s Premium Network
  • Memory: 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • Data storage: 1x 120GB SSD

The recommended characteristics of the server are as follows:

  • CPU (cores): 16
  • Total traffic: 1GBit/s of traffic per month
  • Memory: 32GB DDR3 RAM
  • Data storage: 1x 1000GB SSD

Some restrictions on the actions within the system will be applied during the second stage, in order to control the system, namely:

  • The maximum purchase amount of RLC per transaction is $100
  • No more than one transaction can be made in one second

This stage is currently being prepared for the launch.

Stage 3 (Digital Safe Deposit) — Connection of a decentralized storage system.

A decentralized storage system called “Digital Safe Deposit” is one of the central products in the Relictum Pro ecosystem. This function is one of the cornerstones within the system, as it provides the ability to store files in a safe and inaccessible form for enemies; at the same time, it is a system, which has monetization functions for those who wish to provide their storage facilities for network access.

The detailed specifications and update content for this stage will be published right before its launch.

Stage 4 (RVM) — Launching RVM, connecting a dynamic smart contract system

Completion and unconditional decentralization, the absolute level of development in terms of use and application. Along with ultrafast consensus, powerful cryptography, the final touch, so that you can say that the puzzle is assembled, the picture is now complete.

RVM — Relictum Virtual Machine, a special module for launching and executing smart contracts within the Relictum network. Along with super-fast system smart contracts, available already at an earlier stage of using Relictum Pro, this update will allow everyone to write smart contracts in a special language, upload them to the network, and provide them to everyone.

Due to the complexity of this module, it is not possible to provide final characteristics and instructions for working with it at the moment, since many of them are being adjusted right now during the development, debugging and testing. But by the time the third stage of Main Net will be launched, the instructions, API, and SDK will be published on our Github channel [github.com/relictumblockchain]

The contents of the stages can be adjusted at the discretion of the team, due to the constant monitoring of performance indicators, and the tracking of certain critical components of the platform.

Follow our updates, the dates of each stage launching will be published on our website.

Best regards,
Relictum Pro team!

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