Relictum DEX. Why do we choose a decentralization path?

🔷 The most widespread and well-known way to trade assets from different blockchains is through the use of centralized exchanges. Their concept is simple: the user deposits assets from various blockchains on the CEX, waits until the assets are transferred to their CEX accounts, trades within the CEX and withdraws the assets to their wallet. This is the most popular currently existing method, which is known to a wide audience!

⏺ Despite its benefits, this trading method carries many risks. For instance, centralized exchanges can fail, and the recent failure of the FTX exchange proves this. Unfortunately, users of these exchanges lose their money, and not only individual traders, but also companies and businesses that held their liquidity there. They lose colossal amounts of money, which is why some projects shut down after the CEX bankruptcy.

Decentralized exchanges are an alternative to the CEX.

👍 Fortunately, the technology has reached a level where the DEX can compete with the CEX! Actually, a decentralized exchange can now be created, where you can exchange assets from various blockchains. Relictum DEX is exactly such an exchange!

🔷 The Relictum DEX decentralized exchange is one of the key products of the Relictum Ecosystem. Users can use it to trade with each other and exchange tokens within the Relictum Blockchain. Like other services of the project, the Relictum DEX is based on the modern blockchain technologies and has a number of advantages over similar projects:

⚡️ No regulation.
⚡️ Privacy.
⚡️ Reliability and security.
⚡️ Convenience.
⚡️ Professional tools.

Relictum Pro is a blockchain of the latest generation. #Blockchain 5.0

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Relictum Pro

Relictum Pro is a blockchain of the latest generation. #Blockchain 5.0