​​Relictum Ecosystem in numbers

Dear community,

We have been regularly telling you about the Relictum Ecosystem development for many months now,. Each time it’s easy for us to pick words, because we always have something to tell. However, this time we invite you to take a look at the very heart of the project: statistics. Because Relictum Ecosystem means:

1 074 483 blockchain transactions

78 404 wallets

4028 decentralized vaults

1090 NFTs

71 tokens on the Relictum blockchain

250 testers working every day to improve the project

965 004 003 GTN tokens in staking:

- 25.03% locked for 1 month;

- 16.11% locked for 3 months;

- 15.33% locked for 6 months;

- 2.60% locked for 9 months;

- 40.93% locked for a year!

Watching these numbers grow and looking back, we understand how much work has been done on the project and wonder how much more we have to do.

❓ Want to see Relictum statistics and achievements more often? Join our Relictum Ecosystem chat: @relictum_pro_chat ❤️

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