Relictum Pro unique hashing mechanism.

🧮 Hash and hashing algorithms are key concepts that newcomers to the blockchain know about and which always go hand in hand with security.

♨️ To maintain decentralized networks and consensus mechanisms, including Bitcoin or #Ethereum with a thousand nodes connected via p2p, a “lack of trust” and an effective confirmation system are necessary. These #networks need compact methods of encrypting information that would allow participants to conduct quick and secure checks.

🔳 #Block is one of the main components of #Bitcoin and Ethereum. The block contains information about transactions, timestamps, and other significant metadata. A considerable role in ensuring #security is played by the ability to compress large amounts of information about the global network status into short standard messages, which can be easily checked if necessary. These messages are the hash.

⚜️ Hash algorithms in #cryptography are used everywhere. The main areas of their application are the #storage of passwords, file verification systems, etc. The essence of these hashes is to use a deterministic algorithm that takes input and creates a string with a fixed length. Thus, the same input will always be converted to the same output.

Determinism is important not only for hashes because even if you change one bit of the input data, you also get a completely different hash.

🌀 However, there is a problem with #hashing algorithms — this is the inevitability of collisions. Collisions are bad. This means that the attacker who created the collisions can transfer malicious files while hiding under the correct hash. A good hash #function should make it more difficult for attackers to find ways to create an input with the same hash value.

♻️ The process of calculating the hash should not be too effective since in this case, #attackers can easily calculate collisions. Hash #algorithms must be resistant to the attacks of finding the pre-image. It is necessary to complicate the process of calculating steps to find the initial value from which the hash was created (for example, the inverse image).

🌐 𝗥𝗲𝗹𝗶𝗰𝘁𝘂𝗺 𝗣𝗿𝗼 is a supplemented modification of #SHA1-based hashing mathematics. The main advantage of it is in converting from 20 #bytes to 32 bytes (in your own hash). This gives a high crypto-stability, including from a promising quantum computer.



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