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4 min readNov 14, 2020


Dear members of the Relictum Pro community!

Dear Investors!

Another two weeks have passed since the time of the last update of our application up to version 1.35.3.

During this time, the Relictum Pro project team has supplemented the capabilities of Relictum Pro with new functions. Please pay your attention to the “wrapped” BTC, ETH, LTC coins, which are already available on the TESTNET network!

We also want to remind you that on November 15, all Genesis Token holders will receive their royalty payments, according to our latest innovations!

Friends, please, do not forget to import your tokens from your accounts. By doing this, you will not miss the distribution of royalties!

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The list below will inform you about all the updates in details:

❇️1.35.3 / 2020–11–12

The design of the forging form was changed.

The design of private key import/export forms was changed.

The ability to pay/cancel invoices with a transfer error was added.

The element of network selection on the start form was changed.

❇️1.35.3 / 2020–11–07

The forging window design was updated

❇️1.35.2 / 2020–11–07

The balance check during forging was changed.

❇️1.35.1 / 2020–11–07

Stage release.

❇️1.34.19 / 2020–11–06

Changes to invoice processing.

The Refuse from the invoice button was added.

❇️1.34.18 / 2020–11–06

❇️ 1.34.17 / 2020–11–05

❇️ 1.34.16 / 2020–11–05

Some changes in the design of the invoice form were made.

Different fees for forging and transfer operations.

❇️1.34.15 / 2020–11–05

❇️ 1.34.14 / 2020–11–04

The transfer of the fee for uploading a file to the storage was moved to the server-side (to a smart contract).

The temporary folder for uploading files to storage (networks{network}\upload instead of networks{network}\data-storage\TempUploadsFiles) was changer.

The crf command was added to the console version for cryptocurrency reverse exchange (dex refund).

❇️1.34.13 / 2020–11–03

The bug after adding the currency field for the account was fixed.

The display of account data in the Web API for the currency, info, and message fields was fixed.

The data output errors on the invoice form were fixed.

❇️1.34.12 / 2020–11–03

The bug with the incorrect return of the Identity parameter of a smart contract when called via Web API was fixed.

The ability to bill and pay in various types of tokens (rbtc, etc.) was added.

Refactoring the repository file form.

❇️1.34.11 / 2020–11–02

The bug with displaying all issued invoices in the blockchain was fixed.

The payments after user login were cleared.

The command to transfer funds to the Web API was added.

❇️1.34.10 / 2020–11–02

The parameters to the Web API for requesting a list of accounts (user and payment status) were added.

Corrections on the payment form were made.

❇️1.34.9 / 2020–11–02

Show an overflow message to a user when specifying too many tokens on creation.

Using information about the fee from the exchange when forging (exchanging) cryptocurrency.

Improved control of values overflows during operations in the blockchain (pay attention to the correct number of tokens during operations).

❇️1.34.8 / 2020–11–01

Revised balance display.

Added overflow control when creating tokens.

When updating, the information about the published version is always requested first (before that, the information obtained earlier was used).

❇️1.34.7 / 2020–10–31

Changed the logic when working with accounts in the client interface.

Fixed (?) the bug when buttons were not pressed on the account login form.

❇️1.34.6 / 2020–10–30

Fixed the errors in the design of the invoice form.

The procedure for returning “wrapped” RBTC, RLTC, and RETH was improved.

Correction of an error when processing payments from the client form.

❇️1.34.5 / 2020–10–30

The capabilities of the Web API have been expanded (viewing the results of the drawing).

Improved forging form for working with “wrapped” tokens (RBTC, RLTC, and RETH).

The processing of the new URefund command (reverse exchange) and URefund2 (“burning” tokens) from the exchange was done.

Changes in the algorithms for updating the program.

Displaying the number of decimals on the screen for tokens according to the specified number of decimals when it was created.

❇️1.34.4 / 2020–10–29

Fixed errors on the payment form.

Redesigned storage forms.

Added ignoring of zero accounts in the list of payments.

Fixed copying the blockchain folder when moving the program to Linux.

❇️1.34.3 / 2020–10–29

The rule for displaying the name of the token in the interface has been changed (the full name is used if the short one matches the designation).

It is forbidden to launch the program from the Downloads system folder (Windows).

The transaction for burning tokens was added.

❇️1.34.2 / 2020–10–27

Changes in the work of the smart contract of payments (data format changed, code optimization) were made.

The support for viewing and paying old bills was added.

Fixed a bug when processing a Web API request to get a list of accounts.

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