Why use smart contracts: main benefits

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1 min readMar 3, 2023


Below you can find some of the most notable advantages of smart contracts:

⚡️Speed and efficiency
Smart contracts optimize the entire contract implementation lifecycle due to a high degree of automation and self-enforcement of agreed terms, thus facilitating fast, smooth, and efficient execution. The efficiency benefits of smart contracts include cost reduction, time savings, and general operational improvements.

Smart contracts help secure greater transparency while reducing potential corruption, because any alterations for a contract require the consent of all parties involved.

⚡️Elimination of third parties and economic efficiency
The automatic execution of smart contracts potentially eliminates the need for institutional enforcement, which represents a cheaper and more efficient alternative to advance guarantee of execution. The use of smart contracts eliminates errors arising during manual filling of numerous forms.

Due to data encryption, smart contracts are protected from unauthorized access and represent a secure alternative to traditional paper contracts.



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