💫 Today, GTN token holders have received their royalties in USDR tokens, which you can easily exchange for USDT using the Relictum Finance system.

📲 Check your wallets, you will be pleasantly surprised!

🏄‍♂️And we are moving on: the next royalty accrual date is May 15th.

🎁As for those who have not yet managed to buy GTN tokens — we advise you to hurry up because new surprises and payouts are waiting for you.

💡Reminder! Royalties are awarded only to those users who have imported GTN tokens into the RNode app!

Attention❗️ Relictum Pro Blockchain goes into orbit🚀

🏄‍♂️ Relictum Pro Blockchain overtakes TOP cryptocurrencies in profitability and takes its place in the leaderboard.

⚡️The project leaves behind such well-known projects as Uniswap V1, Stellar, tBTC, and others.

🎯Our next targets are Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Polkadot, and Litecoin.

💪 Let’s do it together and write our own story in the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

🔥 We are glad to announce a breakthrough in the development of the Relictum Lab project in the Relictum Pro 5.0 blockchain ecosystem. It is the result of the daily fruitful work of the entire RelictumPro team.

💈Relictum Laboratory is a venture capital fund intended to help blockchain startups to scale and integrate their products into modern life. This project aims at the development and sales of RelictumPro products!

💸 The launch of Relictum Lab has already made a mega cool effect on the royalties that our loyal investors will receive on May, 1st!

⚠️ The purchase of GTN tokens…

🌏 Dear members of the Relictum Pro community! Dear Investors!

⚡️ The сumulative update of our application version 1.38.1 is available now!

🔹 The USD rate for user tokens created with a specified price in USD is added. 🔹 The timer showing the current time in the node now triggers once a minute (instead of an unnecessary update once a second). 🔹 The partial block loading bug is fixed. 🔹 The Partial block loading (in test mode). 🔹 Empty display of token name in API/transactions request for token burn operation is fixed. 🔹 The transaction data format to execute API/treasury/burn…

🚀 The number of new participants, and along with them — new downloads, installations and registrations in the node has increased after our team’s participation in the largest cryptoforum “Blockchain Life 2021”! Over the last three days we have added 250 nodes!

👋 Thank you for being with us!

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💥 Relictum Pro is a participant and a platinum sponsor of Blockchain Life 2021!

👉One of the most anticipated events of the year, Blockchain Life 2021, starts today!

🔹4000 participants;
🔹70 stands;
🔹more than 50 speeches from top speakers, including:

▫️ Javier Sim — the co-founder of Bithumb Global.
▫️ Rodger Ver — the founder of Bitcoin.com …

💫Today holders of GTN tokens received awards.

❗️ Check your account balance in the rBTC and RLC wallets and have a nice day

💸 Moving on. The next payment on 1 May.

🎁 Who has not yet managed to buy GTN tokens — we advise you to hurry up because new surprises await you.


📌 How to import GTN from a website into rnode:
https://wiki.relictum.pro/kb/instructions_for_importing_gtn_tokens_from_personal_account_to_the_node_en .

#Blockchain #relictcoin #tech #relictumpro #fintech #Crypto #blockchain5 #technology #techno #relictum #relictumblockchain #DistributedLedgerTechnology #Blockchaintechnology #DLT #blockchainfifthgeneration #relictumcommunity #community

🌏 Dear members of the Relictum Pro community! Dear Investors!

⚡️ The update of our application version 1.37.15 is available now!

🔹 Added Relictum Lab smart contract. 🔹 Added indication of unpaid invoices. 🔹 Improved handling of scrolling on forms. 🔹 Added indication of pressing the buttons. 🔹 The interface of the exchange forms has been improved. 🔹 Added a tab for payments on the main screen. 🔹 Fixed bug for iOS when the user logs out. 🔹 Fixed bug for iOS when switching keyboard. 🔹 Made fullscreen mode for iOS. 🔹 Correct display of SystemBar for iOS. 🔹 Improvement…

Professional American basketball organization Sacramento Kings will allow its players and staff to receive salaries in Bitcoin (BTC), its chairman Vivek Ranadivé reportedly revealed during a conversation on Clubhouse yesterday.

But have you ever thought about using BTC not spending huge amounts on transaction fees, and waiting for hours until these transactions are done? There is a solution!

Four wrapped TOP coins have been issued and are fully functioning within the RelictumPro blockchain network. These are Relictum Bitcoin, Relictum Ethereum, Relictum Litecoin, and Relictum USDT, in a short form, they have the following tickets in the Relictum blockchain: RBTC, RETH…

Relictum Pro

Relictum Pro is a blockchain of the latest generation. #Blockchain 5.0

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