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Dear Relictum Ecosystem Community! We announce the opening a vacancy in the Relictum team:

Senior Backend Developer PHP/Yii2.

♦️ Skills: PHP, MySQL, Git, Linux, SQL, OOP, Yii framework, databases, high-load systems, APIs, PostgreSQL, Redis, docker and docker-compose, Agile, REST API development, services, websites, development of automated tests for a blockchain product, work on the backend part of integrations with various services and systems, English knowledge at the level of reading and writing technical documentation.

♦️ Experience: 5 years or more.

♦️ Employment: full time (office or remotely).

♦️ 4400- 5300$

❗️Send your CV to

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Dear community, we are pleased to announce the successful completion of another testing iteration of the Relictum DEX decentralized exchange. No failures in the cryptocurrency trading platform operation were detected! 🎉

We thank all the members of our community who took an active part in this hard but very important work ❤️

As soon as this week, the Relictum Blockchain team will start work on updating the Relictum DEX. The following is expected in the near future:

♦️ public testing of Relictum DEX in Relitum.Stage.Net (Test-Net);

♦️ summarizing the exchange operation in the test network;

♦️ release date on Relictum.Main.Net announcement.

Follow our announcements! We will keep you updated 🤝

📌 Learn more about Relictum DEX testing in our chat: : You can find our other official channels and chats here.

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👔 Relictum Ecosystem has decided to allow all RLC holders to exchange for GTN with a bonus coefficient of 25%.

💰 For example, if you have 100 RLCs, it will be counted as 125 USDR, and the specified number of GTN tokens at the rate on the day of the exchange will be sent to you.

📮 Just send your RLCs and receive GTNs within 72 hours.

🗓 Exchange period until August 15, 2022.

Full guide for RLC to GTN swap:

📱 You can exchange RLC for GTN through Relictum Node.

🎮 Deal combination:

➡️ open Relictum Node;

⬇️ go to the Crypto wallets section;

↗️ select and press RLC;

⬆️ press Transfer, specify the transfer ID 5683 and the maximum amount (double check the data);

⬇️ agree with the Transfer.

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Relictum Pro

Relictum Pro

Relictum Pro is a blockchain of the latest generation. #Blockchain 5.0